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My name is Cameron Chatham and I am a Graphic Designer. I am currently in my second year of my HND at the City of Glasgow College and I aim to continue studying Graphic Design to a higher level. I gather my ideas from things I come across in everyday life and like to keep myself updated on new trends. Being given new challenges helps to keep me motivated and interested in the world of design. I am also competent in many adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign alongside basic knowledge of Muse and Premier Pro.
For this creative process brief we were asked to create 20 typographic panels from a quote in which we were allowed to pick. Alongside these 20 panels we also had to create an A3 typographic poster and film our creative process of both the panels and the A3 poster. On the left we have a picture of my hand generated A3 poster and the video of my creative process alongside it.
For this brief I was asked to design a box and a label for a scotch whiskey for The Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow. I wanted my design to stay true to how the typical whiskey bottle would look but placing my own personality into the box and label as well.
For this brief I was asked to design two hand generated typographic posters for two movies. I chose Inception and Birdman as these two quotes stuck out to me the most. Keeping the colour scheme black and white allows the true power of these quotes to shine through.