I would like to briefly introduce myself to you. I am, Monika Owca Baranova Owec, and I'm a visual artist. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava where I acquired a rich experience with a variety of materials, with a specialisation in the 3D space. I moved to Scotland 3 years ago. After I joined the graphic design course. In my work, you can see the influence of comic art, with a sublimation of my view of the world. In most of my artworks I focus on my inner feelings and emotions. I found it interesting to put sarcasm into my artworks, as well as the paradoxes of life. I tried to give my work a new angle, the angle of my contemplation. In the design, I try to achieve visually impressive design. I use several techniques to visualise my concepts. I try to communicate with the audience and the artists. My main aim is for my art to be strongly printed into the mind of people, whether it is conceptually or just using a strong signature of me in design.