Leviathan Whisky

Designing the branding for the Clydeside Distillery's new whisky was one of my favourite projects.


It was so much fun researching whisky and looking into the history and the process that is behind it all.



The new distillery is built right on the Clydeside so I thought it was only fitting that it fully represent this because of all the fantastic history that is behind it.


I named my whisky Leviathan. Leviathan was the name of one of the ships that was built on the Clydeside in 1901.


The colours are cool tones of dark greys and blues to represent the Clyde itself and also the strong industrial presence on the Clydeside and in Glasgow. The pattern is to represent the beams and frames that would have been used throughout the dockyards, on the ships and were used in construction.


The label details were designed to look like workers notes and paperwork and have a raw feel about them; to not look too clean and polished.


Victoria Gallacher